100 Creatures

Wow, I’ve reached number 100. Big number for so few updates in the last months. The fact is I am overwhelmed with work, and cannot spare even a moment to develop my art. That’s terrible for me. I know I must be glad cause at least I have work, knowing how things are going lately here in Spain, but I’m still feeling frustrated. My fingers itch from the need to draw and produce more artwork, even more weird creatures. This started as a little private challenge to create a new image every day and proved to be an impossible task, but nevertheless I’ll keep trying, that I can assure you, although the pace I produce new ones is getting slower. At least we can see this little fellow, numbered 100, the incredible Luminiscent Peruvian Aardvark, possesing an inner incandescence, able to create his own light to read books at night.

Hope you like it.


About ramitxon

Freelance illustrator, 3d artist and hired pencil.
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