Ciervo de Innsmouth / Innsmouth deer

Se dice que en los alrededores del pueblo de Innsmouth en la costa de Massachussetts habita una rara variedad de ciervo. Se le ha visto en muy pocas ocasiones y siempre por gente de otras comarcas. Parece ser que la gente que habita el pueblo son poco habladores y de costumbres algo exóticas. Por lo visto el nombre que ellos le dan es el de ciervo de Cthulhu.

It is said that in the lands near the town of Inssmouth, in the coasts of Massachussets dwells a strange variety of deer. It has been seen on very rare occasions, and always by people from outside the town. The villagers are famous for not being very talkative and having exotic customs. It seems that the name they give it is Cthulhu deer.

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Freelance illustrator, 3d artist and hired pencil.
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