Oricnardo / Oricnard

El oricnardo es un curioso y plácido animal que habita los bosques húmedos de Polonia. Se alimenta principalmente de insectos, que captura al vuelos con su lengua larga y pegajosa. De caracter tranquilo, no conviene hacerle enfadar, un tajo lateral de sus seis colmillos puede hacer que tu vida sea extremadamente interesante y corta, muy corta.

The oricnard is a placid, curious animal, who roams the wet forests of Poland. He feeds mainly on insects, which cathes on the fly with his long sticky tongue. He has a solid, calm personality, it is not a good idea to make him angry, a strong slash with his six lateral teeth can make your life extremely interesting and short, very short.


About ramitxon

Freelance illustrator, 3d artist and hired pencil.
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  1. ramitxon says:

    Thanks for dropping by Florian.
    For all the ones who read this post, if you don’t know yet Florian Satzinger’s work, you must enter his site, it really is fantastic.

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